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Update April 9, 2012

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Just so you know…I don’t really update this anymore. In fact, I pretty much forgot about it. I¬†no longer live with the person mentioned in earlier posts, I moved from NE Philly to South Philly with my three rescued greyhounds. I am, however, still a vegan female that lives in Philadelphia. If you have questions, please feel free to message me on here. I’m happy to help and dispense opinons on vegan lifestyles in Philadelphia. ūüôā


I’m addicted August 31, 2008

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to new hair.  Or change.  Just got my hair cut again, asymetrical-style.  Woo!  Had highlights put in, too.  I feel like a flapper, which is great!



You’re never going to believe it… July 26, 2008

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but I think I kind of miss Iowa. ¬†Wait, scratch that. ¬†I don’t think I miss Iowa per say, more like I really miss my friends and family from Iowa. ¬†Guess it has been a year and a half now that I have lived in Philadelphia and I haven’t returned for a visit in a little over a year. ¬†¬†

To my friends and family that MIGHT be reading this blog, I miss you! ¬†Please come for a visit sometime. ūüôā


New theme

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I got bored with the mostly white theme I had previously used.  Through my boredom, I managed to choose one of the less obnxious preloaded themes offered by WordPress.  If I knew how to design my own, I would do that.  For now, I suppose I will have to settle with what you see.


Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

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If you know me well, and probably if you know me only a little, you know that I love everything by Joss Whedon. I’m a HUGE fan of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly. I’m freaking out waiting for the mid season release of Dollhouse. To hold me over until then, my friend Bob sent me a head’s up on Joss’s new endeavor Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! It was so good!! Dr. Horrible is portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, which for some reason, I really love him.¬† I couldn’t have been happier seeing him involved. One of my faves from the Whedonverse (or Buffyverse, whatever), Nathan Fillion, plays Captain Hammer and it was so good to see him in something new from Joss. Good ol’ Mal…

If you haven’t watched it, check it out if you can. It’s only on I-tunes now, I believe. You won’t regret it!

Oh, and just for geeking out purposes, did anyone check out Drew Goddard at the end? Haha!


New haircut!

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Hey, got a new haircut! I love this salon!

I have naturally curly hair and for those of you that have the same, you know that it’s horrible to control without looking like a crazed white woman trying to sport an afro. Not my deal. So for years, I’ve been straightening it when it’s short. I’ve done insane things, like using a relaxer formula for African-American hair which then melted my hair (let’s not go there), to using a ceramic straightening iron.

After moving to Philadelphia, I looked for a place that used mostly, if not all, vegan products. If you are not familiar with Aveda, check it out. Their products are 99% vegan! In addition to not slaughtering animals and squishing bugs for the sake of vanity, the company uses products from countries needing a boost to their economy. However, their biggest seller would be how environmentally conscious they are. They use plant-based ingredients and alternative methods in which to produce their products. Lastly, they donate a percentage of their profits. How many companies can say all that?

Yeah, I sound like an advertisement. But I completely support the company! They say green is the new black this year… ;p

Back to my story. I finally found a kick-ass salon that uses only Aveda products in Manayunk called Art Plus Science. ¬†Stylist extraordinaire¬†Jason was recommended to me to work with my crazy curly hair and I could not be happier! If anyone I know actually comes to visit me sometime (not so subtle hint), I can take you there if you’d like. The place rocks.¬†¬† They are moving soon to a new place on Main St, still in Manayunk, that will be ENTIRELY green. I love that place.

And I’ve just realized I have really turned into a girly girl. What the hell?


…and now, the update! June 17, 2008

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I’m going to try to keep this somewhat short. Ha, we’ll see!

We’ve had some problems concerning Remy’s health. In early March, we noticed Remy had a lump on his front left paw, which caused a limp. If you’ve met Remy, you know he’s incredibly hyperactive and does things that could cause an injury at any time. At first, we disregarded it as a crazy Remy injury. It seemed to get worse, so I took him to the vet. They found it to be some sort of soft tissue lump, but it need a biopsy.

We then started going to CARES in Langhorne, PA, about 45 minutes from our house. In total, he had three biopsies and several chest x-rays before it was determined that it was indeed cancer, but we were unsure what type of cancer. All the biopsies could confirm was it was a slow moving, non-invasive sarcoma that was intruding the joint and bone. We opted for a complete leg amputation as treatment, rather then chemo and/or radiation treatment.

Dr. David Puerto performed the operation. If you ever have an animal that needs this sort of care, I really recommend him! He’s wonderful, professional, and very caring to the animals under his care. We brought Remy in on a Wednesday and thought we would get him back on Saturday or Sunday. I received a call on Thursday morning from Dr. Puerto that Remy was doing very well and was able to go home! I left work and went there immediately. Before leaving, Dr. Puerto popped in and told me he saw his first two-legged urination from Remy. Less then 24 hours from having his leg amputated, he was balancing on two legs to pee like a boy! What a trooper.

Currently, Remy is still healing. He’s doing very well. His attitude is very positive and he walks fine around the house. He still climbs on our window ledge, which he’s NOT supposed to do, nu the manages it on three legs. His hair is growing back, slowly but growing. He gets along well with the other animals and there are no real issues. Overall, we are very happy with the outcome and are very, very happy to still have Remy alive, well, and happy.

Between the medical issues with Remy and my job keeping me very, very busy, I’ve fallen behind on so many things. I’ve lost touch with some friends and am now just catching up with everyone. Soon, Rob and I hope to start another blog. This one will be geared towards to foodies! We make so many meals, we thought, why not photograph it and share what we do? We got a lot of inspiration from Cherie’s blog, which is completely gorgeous. Hope to get that going by the end of the month. I’ll post it when I do!

So if I haven’t contacted you lately, you now know why. I hope to not get that out of touch again!